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Tips For Speeding Up The Recovery Process After Root Canal Procedure

Posted on 4/10/2023 by Dr. Christianne Lee
Tips For Speeding Up The Recovery Process After Root Canal ProcedureA root canal is recommended when your teeth have suffered deep decay. Dentists will perform the procedure when an infection has badly damaged your pulp. During the procedure, they will remove the pulp and clean and seal the interior part of your teeth. Proper dental care is crucial after undergoing a root canal. It will protect your teeth from additional damage and enhance speedy recovery. Read on to learn some of the tips to help you prevent any complications and fasten teeth healing.

Restrain From Exercises For Some Days

Exercising may be part of your daily routines. You enjoy taking morning walks or having a session at the gym. After a root canal surgery, you need to suspend your sessions for a few days. The dentist can advise you to take at least 48 hours without exercising. Though exercises are good for your health, they can worsen your situation by causing bleeding and pain. You can prevent such occurrences by giving your body time to relax as the healing process occurs in your mouth.

Sleep With Your Head Elevated

Oral swelling and soreness are common after the root canal procedure. To save yourself from extended effects, sleep with your head elevated for some nights. This will fasten the recovery process and avoid discomfort.

Consider Gargling Some Salted Warm Water

Infections are likely to occur after the procedure. The best way to keep them away is by gargling salted warm water. This will also help keep your mouth clean and enhance gum establishment in the affected area.

Opt For Professional Help In Case Of Persistent Inflammation

Pain and swelling should go a few days after the surgery. However, sometimes, the inflammation may become persistent. It is crucial to pay attention to the recovery proceeding. If the pain persists, you might be having an infection. You should consider seeking professional assistance. Contact our dentist for support with root canal procedures and care.
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