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Is There Anything I Should Not Do After a Wisdom Tooth Removal?

Posted on 2/2/2024 by Weo Admin
Illustration of an impacted wisdom toothWisdom tooth extraction is a standard dental procedure. However, the way you recover after the operation determines whether your recovery will be comfortable and how well the surgical process works.

Get Some Rest

There is a vital period immediately following surgery. Try to refrain from any physical exertion while you are sick. Raising blood pressure from strenuous activity or heavy lifting might amplify the effects of bleeding, swelling, and pain.

No Tobacco Use Allowed

After surgery, complications such as dry sockets or infections are more likely if the patient continues smoking and using tobacco products. It is hard for most people to stop completely, but it is unavoidable in the recovery process.

Being a Smart Sipper

Refuse to use straws. The suck can displace the significant blood clot created in the socket and lead to a painful condition called a dry socket.

Take It Easy

Do not put your tongue, fingers, or anything else into the surgical area. It will cause the wound to be more inflamed and take more time for the site to heal.


Drinking alcohol can reduce the effectiveness of medicines and pain relievers and lengthen the recovery period. You had better avoid it during your recovery.

Rinse Mildly

While keeping your teeth clean is crucial, there are better times to rinse too vigorously than the first day. Carefully rinse your teeth in warm, salty water for a little while to help heal and clean.

Gentle Cleaning

Take it easy on your teeth for several days after surgery, and do not brush around the incision. Doing this keeps the remaining part of your mouth clean and protected from infection.

Remain Compliant

Take all prescribed medications exactly as instructed and follow all post-operative instructions to the letter. Our dental surgeon has given you a road map to getting well. If they recommend it, try putting an ice pack on your face to decrease swelling. It is an easy method to reduce pain and swelling.

For further information or questions, you can visit our office or contact us via our website. We would like to help you on your path to wisdom tooth removal and recovery.
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