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Comprehensive Dental Exam
Irvine, CA

Black woman smiles at dentist after dental exam at Irvine Dentistry.Getting a comprehensive dental exam at Irvine Dentistry is possible thanks to our team of dedicated professionals. Maintaining proper dental health is supposed to be easy, but then again, you will need to find time for it. There are so many dental diseases these days, and if they are not detected early, they may take longer and cost more to treat.

This is why the idea of getting regular dental exams is extremely important. Exams are designed to provide comprehensive dental checkups to identify potential issues before they become worse. It is recommended that adults get a comprehensive dental checkup once every six months.

What Happens During an Exam?

In most cases, a comprehensive exam will be combined with regular teeth cleaning. During your visit, our dentists will inspect your teeth and gums for cavities and gingivitis. The exam may also involve examining the potential risk of patients developing other serious oral health issues. It is also not uncommon for dentists to check your nose, neck, and face for any abnormalities. Although it is not always necessary to get an x-ray, if the dentist feels that it may be needed to provide proper diagnosis, he or she may request it. However, do not worry; it will not take extra time. As matter of fact, a comprehensive dental exam should take between 30 and 45 minutes.

Regular dental exams are also designed to give patients a chance to discuss oral health with our professionals. Whether it is about changing your diet or teaching you some new brushing and flossing techniques, our dental hygienists will be happy to help. In case we have identified potential issues during our exam, one of our dentists will sit down with you and discuss all the options you have.

Although exams are essential in maintaining proper dental health, they may also be used to diagnose other diseases as well. For example, the signs of rheumatoid arthritis, a very common systematic disease, may manifest themselves in the mouth before anywhere else. The same also applies to diseases such as lupus and diabetes. It is also important to note that dental exams are necessary even for people who no longer have their natural teeth.

When Should I Get a Dental Exam?

It is recommended that all adults schedule exams every six months, but this does not always apply to everyone. A good rule would be to work on a schedule with our dental clinic. When it comes to oral health, different people have different needs. Some may require regular exams while others may not. Our dentist, Dr. Lee will be able to assess your current condition and decide the best schedule. People who have had a recent cosmetic dentistry procedure or a major oral surgery may also require more regular checkups. Our team will walk you through the entire process so that everything is clear.

Schedule Your Appointment

If you are in need of more information and would like to schedule a dental exam appointment, do get in touch with our team. Call us, Irvine Dentistry at (949) 656-2933 and we can begin the steps to ensuring good oral health for you and your family.

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