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Dental Teeth Bonding
Irvine, CA

Close up of a woman's beautiful smileThe team at Irvine Dentistry is always delighted to boost your overall appearance by performing a tooth bonding procedure for you. Dental bonding is a technique that aims to harden a durable colored resin substance (plastic) onto a tooth to improve its appearance. The material is placed on a tooth and shaped before the hardening is done using a light beam. Dental bonding is a cosmetic dentistry procedure.

Why You May Need Dental Bonding

Bonding is a good option for one who needs to repair a tooth that is decayed and as a result, has developed cavities. Teeth that have cracks due to injuries, or are chipped, can be bonded to improve their appearance. Also, large spaces between teeth can be filled through a dental bonding technique. Discolored teeth are not the most pleasant sight on anyone. So bonding can be done to enhance one’s appearance. People with shorter teeth as a result of biological make-up or thumb-sucking at tender ages may also improve the length of their teeth using the bonding strategy.

Patients often have a variety of choices to make concerning procedures as there are numerous techniques to pick from. Some who do not want to have fillings (amalgam) sometimes opt for dental bonding. As gums recede, the roots of teeth are left bare, and this may make them vulnerable to falling off. Bonding can help restore the stability of such a tooth.

Preparation For a Dental Bonding Procedure

With dental bonding, there is not much you need to prepare for earlier. Typically, anesthesia is not often necessary as it is a painless procedure. Anesthesia is only needed if a tooth is decayed, and hence in need of a filling or drilling for a shape change. It may also apply if there is a chip close to the nerves.

Our dentist, Dr. Christianne Lee, will be using a shade guide in choosing a color of resin whose tint matches the color of the natural teeth as closely as possible. After selecting the resin color, the dentist will first rough up the tooth surface. Thereafter, we will apply a conditioning gel. This process is necessary because it assists the bonding material in sticking to your tooth. The earlier selected resin is then placed onto tooth, molded then smoothed to a required shape.

To harden the substance, a laser or bright blue light is used. The material may then be trimmed by the dentist and later polished to resemble the tint of the other teeth. This process should last between 30 and 60 minutes.

Dental bonding has plenty of advantages. Apart from being a simple procedure, it is less costly. Bonding can be wholly done within the dentist’s office, unlike other techniques like veneers or crowns that require a lab. The operation may be done within a single visit. Perhaps the best part of bonding is that unless there is a tooth cavity, anesthesia is not necessary.

There are challenges too. The bonding material can more easily absorb stains than natural enamel. Some of these resin materials are not long-lasting either. So they have to be replaced more often. All in all, bonding can quickly help in restoring the appearance and function of damaged teeth but is not as long-lasting as other restorative solutions.

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For more information on whether bonding is the best restorative treatment for your dental problems, do get in touch with our team. You can contact us, Irvine Dentistry at (949) 656-2933 today.

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Dental Bonding | Irvine Dentistry - Irvine, CA
The team at Irvine Dentistry is always delighted to boost your overall appearance by performing a tooth bonding procedure for you. Learn more here.
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