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Digital Radiography
Irvine, CA

Gloved hands holding up a dental x-ray at Irvine Dentistry. We at Irvine Dentistry can now confirm that digital radiography is available in our clinic. Dental technology has improved significantly over the last few decades. With this advancement, it is now possible for patients to get treatment without the discomfort and pain often associated with traditional forms of dentistry. It is also changing how dental practitioners diagnose dental issues. Digital radiography is one of the emerging techniques that we are currently using, and it delivers many benefits.

This technique has made dental x-rays safer, faster, and more convenient than they used to be. Traditional dental x-rays emit low amounts of radiation. Even though precautions will be taken in our clinic to ensure exposure to this mild radiation is prevented, there is still a risk factor. In addition to this, traditional x-rays take longer. Patients have to wait for the film to be developed before the diagnosis is completed. However, digital radiography is addressing all this. It is providing a safer and more reliable solution to diagnose various dental issues without taking too much time.

How Does Digital Radiography Work?

To put it simply, digital radiography is a digital process of doing normal x-rays. However, unlike traditional x-rays where films are used, Dr. Christianne Lee uses a sensor to capture images of teeth and gums. The digital sensor is connected to a computer. Once the image has been taken, it will be transmitted to the computer and then projected into a large screen. There is no need for film. The x-ray is viewed as one large image and once its use is done, it can be discarded the same way you would a digital file, or stored as part of your dental records.

What Are the Benefits of Digital Radiography?

Digital radiography as a way of getting dental x-rays offers a host of benefits not just to our dental clinic but even for you as a patient. First, the cost is relatively low. Since we are not going to be using traditional films, it makes it easier to reduce the overall expenses needed for an x-ray. Digital x-rays are also safer. As we have already indicated above, traditional x-rays are known to produce mild levels of radiation. Exposure to such radiation may pose health risks to patients. However, this is not something you will have to worry about with digital radiography.

The wait time is also much lower with digital x-rays compared to traditional x-rays. With normal x-rays, a picture will be taken and then processed on film before it is used as part of diagnosis. Now, with digital radiography, the image is almost instant. Once the sensors are in place, the x-ray will be displayed on a screen in a matter of seconds. Finally, digital radiography also gives higher quality images compared to traditional x-rays. This allows our dentists to see clearly every angle and assess your teeth and gums as effectively as possible.

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Digital Radiography | Irvine Dentistry - Irvine, CA
At Irvine Dentistry, we can now confirm that digital radiography is available in our clinic to assist with patient dental work. Click to learn more.
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