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Laser Dentistry
Irvine, CA

Dental laser equipment used at Irvine Dentistry at Irvine, CAWe, at Irvine Dentistry, want our patients to experience minimum trouble while undergoing dental surgeries, and thus, we strive to provide the best laser dentistry services. Our laser dental treatments involve using lasers to treat various dental conditions.

A laser is an extremely focused light beam, and using it for the treatment of complex or simple body issues is common. However, using a laser to treat dental problems is still a new thing for many Americans. Our experienced dentists and state-of-the-art laser equipment ensure successful dental treatments for our patients.

We perform laser procedures mostly to whiten teeth, reshape the gums, eliminate overgrown tissues, or for a root canal. We also use lasers to remove or alter tissues in small amounts. The laser proves to be effective as it catalyzes the effect of tooth-bleaching agents, and cuts the tissues accurately. The laser technique proves to be less scary for children or adults who are afraid of or anxious about getting dental treatments.

Is Laser Dentistry Similar to Traditional Dentistry?

Dental procedures and laser dental procedures are not very different. We might give you zero to a minimal dose of anesthesia. We will keep your mouth wide open until the procedure is completed. The only difference is that our patient will not feel vibrations or other discomforts as they feel in normal dental procedures.

Soft Tissue Lasers

We use soft tissue lasers to cut into soft tissues and simultaneously seal exposed blood vessels. This is why there is minimal bleeding in the process and faster healing after the procedure. Soft tissue laser uses the light wavelength which is easily absorbed by hemoglobin and water, and that is why it is suitable for gum work.

We employ soft tissue lasers for cosmetic procedures as they give instant results. These procedures are performed to lengthen crowns, reshape gum for an improved smile, deal with limited tongue movements, and remove folds caused by dentures.

Benefits of Laser Dentistry

There are multiple benefits of using laser for dental procedures, but the main one is that it decreases the healing time and discomfort significantly. Another good thing about laser dentistry is that the procedure is carried out smoothly without using heavy anesthesia and stitches. The gums are sterilized by the laser, keeping infections away. Lastly, loss of blood is comparatively less than traditional surgery.

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Laser Dentistry | Irvine Dentistry - Irvine, CA
At Irvine Dentistry, we want our patients to experience minimum trouble while undergoing dental procedures, and laser dentistry is a great method to achieve this.
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