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Root Canal Treatment & Therapy
Irvine, CA

Diagram of tooth showing tooth rootOur dentists here at Irvine Dentistry perform expert root canal procedures to help you enjoy longer use and comfort of your natural tooth when a severe infection may have set in. The procedure is performed to achieve an effective removal of bacteria, as well as dead or dying tissues from the inside part of your tooth.

Our team has access to modern dental technology and techniques, which have greatly led the evolution of the root canal procedure to a comfortable treatment process, which will need you to visit our offices only once or twice.

When Do You Need a Root Canal?

Our profession often recommends that you undergo the root canal procedure when your teeth are showing signs of a deep infection. Bacteria can adversely affect the pulp inside your teeth because of a severe cavity that has gone untreated or as a result of an injury. The infection can progress to a severe level if it goes untreated and may lead to tooth extraction.

The Root Canal Procedure

Our team will explain to you the step-by-step procedure when they recommend the root canal treatment. You will be taken through four steps of treatment. In the first step, our dentist will use a needle to administer local anesthesia meant to numb your tooth and the surrounding area. You may feel a small pinch as the needle goes in and a small sheet of rubber known as a dental dam will then be placed by our professionals to isolate the tooth and keep it dry and clean as the procedure progresses.

The second step will involve using small tools like a small drill, which enables our dentist to have access to the inside of your tooth through the creation of an opening at the top of the tooth. A small file will then be used for clearing the diseased and damaged portion from the inside section of the tooth. The file will again be used for smoothening the inner tooth chamber and the root of the tooth. Water will then be used to irrigate the chamber to wash away all the remaining pulp. An antibacterial solution is commonly used by our experts for killing all remaining bacteria in the chamber and reducing the risk of any further infection.

The third step follows after thorough cleaning and drying of the chamber, where our professionals fill in the chamber with a rubber-like material known as gutta-percha. A temporary filling is used to close the opening in the tooth as you wait for a permanent dental crown to be placed.

The last step takes place after a few weeks where our team of professionals complete the treatment process by placing the permanent crown or other type of restoration on the tooth. The insertion of a small supporting post may be necessary depending on your natural tooth's condition. It is placed inside the root chamber to help make the restoration or crown more stable.

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Root Canals | Irvine Dentistry - Irvine, CA
At Irvine Dentistry perform expert root canal procedures to help you enjoy longer use and comfort of your natural tooth when a severe infection may have set in.
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