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Sports Guard
Irivine, CA

Sweaty boy with mouth guard in his mouthOur experts here at Irvine Dentistry are delighted to provide you with quality sports mouthguards. Mouthguards for sports are devices you wear over the teeth for protection from blows to the head and face. They represent vital athletic equipment if you participate in any sport involving body contact, falls, and flying equipment. Such sports include basketball, football, baseball, hockey, gymnastics, skateboarding, mountain biking, and soccer since these sports have activities that can cause injury to your mouth.

These devices are designed to cover your teeth to protect them from breaking, as well as to prevent cut lips or other damages that can happen in your mouth. Typically designed to cover upper teeth, a mouth protector may also be necessary for your lower teeth if you are wearing fixed dental appliances like dental bridges.

Sports mouthguards protect you from various sports-related injuries. These include fractures, avulsions, and laxatives. These three groups of injuries are dangerous. Without mouthguards, you may encounter different types of fractures, including broken teeth, chipped teeth, and root fractures. Luxations include extruded teeth and lateral displacements.

Types Of Sports Mouthguards

Some of the properties that you should consider when choosing the type of mouthguard most suitable for you include tear-resistance, comfort, and resilience. Proper fitting is also an important quality to ensure that your breathing and speech are not restricted.

Three common types of mouthguard are available. The first type is the custom-made mouthguard, which is specially made by our team of experts to fit your individual needs. These mouthguards provide great comfort and also offer the best protection. In designing these mouthguards, our experts make an impression of your teeth before constructing these mouthguards over a model. These mouthguards are a huge preference since they look better and feel comfortable.

Boil and bite mouthguards are another mouthguard option for sports. Coming in a pre-formed shape, these mouthguards can be altered through boiling in hot water and taking a bite into the heated plastic to get a customized fit. The fit of these mouthguards is better than stock mouthguards.

Stock mouthguards are the third type of mouthguard. They are inexpensive, come pre-formed, and ready to wear. However, you may find these mouthguards bulky and not so well fitting, which may make talking and breathing difficult.

The Time Span For Mouthguards

You should come for mouthguard replacement after each sport season since they wear down with time, which makes them less effective. In case you are getting them for your child, replacement is vital due to the continued growth of their teeth as they develop into adulthood. You can also schedule a replacement with our experts when you come for your six-month dental checkup. Visiting our office gives you the best chance to get the best custom-made mouthguard suggestions from our professionals. A child grinding his or her teeth may also benefit from using mouthguards to prevent dental damage. Always remember that prevention is better than cure.

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If you or your family members are active in any sport that carries the risk of facial or dental injury, we can help prevent harmful damage with this customized service. Call our team, Irvine Dentistry, at (949) 656-2933 today for more information about sports mouthguards.

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